Phoenix Inlay, Inc.

Daryoush Ababaf
Inlay on Wood Master Artist

Daryoush Ababaf is an internationally renowned Persian artist. Daryoush is highly recognized for his major contributions to the art of “Inlay on wood”. “Inlay on wood”, known in Iran and Germany as “Moarraq/Marquetry”, is the art of creating artistic images by inlaying small pieces of wood using a fretsaw. At first glance, the artwork appears to be a beautiful painting, whereas no paint brush has ever been used in the piece. Every single arc and line on the work is either delicately selected natural grains or colors of the wood or an elaborate cutting trace.

Daryoush himself describes his work as “…an effort to reveal the secrets of the wood’s life.” Daryoush has participated in numerous domestic and international exhibitions and ranked 1st place as an artist with an extraordinary ability.

Daryoush is also known as the artist who inconspicuously embeds his signature somewhere in his works. He believes he is giving an added incentive to the viewers to discover his workmanship.