Pavlina Bulgara Creations (PBC)

Pavlina Panova
Mixed Media Artist

Pavlina uses a variety of material found in nature to create her awe-inspiring mixed media creations. Take a closer look and you’ll discover press flowers, leaves, corn husk, corn silk and other natural elements used to create a beautiful illusion. All the colors she employs are natural and the final surface of her work is treated with UV protective material for protection.

She has been working in 2 basic media: pressed plants and clay. As a self taught artist in Oshibana – the Japanese art of pressed plants – she has developed her unique style in creating 2- and 3-dimensional Oshibana pieces created entirely with botanical materials. With classes and workshops, exhibits and publications her ambition is to make this art form more popular in Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Working with clay has been  another artistic passion for her. As a ceramic artist, she is focused on  low and high relief tiles and wall panels with accent on non traditional finishing techniques, including pressed plants. For the last 5 years she has been teaching Ceramic Art Jewelry Class at North Lake College.

Stop by and enjoy her magical creations.