Karen Bullitt
Paper Florist

Karen Bullitt is a paper florist and the paper flower obsessed owner of Fauxtanicals™. Fauxtanicals™ began in 2018 and specializes in handmade crepe paper flowers and large scale flower sculptures.

Karen began making paper flowers in 2016 as décor for her birthday party and quickly fell in love with the artistry of paper flower making. All of her floral creations are handcrafted and each petal is cut and sculpted from Italian, German and fine crepe papers. She designs and creates each piece with careful attention to detail. Karen is passionate about her art and she relishes the thought of creating something intricate and whimsical with just paper, glue and paint. Fauxtanicals are blooms that you see in nature and are also blooms that come from Karen’s imagination. 

You can view more of Karen’s work on Instagram and on her website, myfauxtanicals.com. Come pick your flowers.