Minimal Metal Art

Kevin Thompson
Metal Artist
Facebook: @MinimalMetalArt

Kevin Thompson is a self-taught artist who specializes in metal fabrication. A confident entrepreneur, toastmasters graduate, born-again Christian and a 2018 emerging artist who was born in Oceanside, California and currently residing in Carrollton, Texas. He has over 40 years working with metal in numerous facets. From being a gear head, self-taught machinist and a lifelong fascination with torches, welding, and flame-colored metal. His first introduction to flame painted metal was at the age of 7 his father flame torched large nails then attached a file together they marketed their own ‘nail file’. A budding entrepreneur selling door-to-door flame painted nail files. 

A born-again Christian who speaks strongly about the Refiner’s Fire, he’ll reference wisdom gained through discipline as he points to the most brilliant spots of color on his art. The highest temperatures on each piece of his metal art are indicated by the most brilliant colors. It comes as no surprise he’ll share the colors remind him of his own life’s challenges past, present and future. 

Kevin asked God for a ministry to compliment his love for interacting with people, sharing his faith and advancing the kingdom of God. Minimal Metal Art found its way to him so with his polished speaking and love for understanding peoples situations. His favorite quote is “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care”. Kevin’s art can be found on display at Dallas Gents, Dallas Texas. Minimal Metal Art first debut was September 2018 at the Love for Kids Stetson & Stiletto’s Annual Fundraising Event. During 2019, Minimal Metal Art is grateful to have been invited to participate in the below art shows and look forward to upcoming shows this fall.