Melanie M Brannan

Melanie Brannan
Painter and Instructor

Melanie expresses her trust in the healing power of nature in each painting in her Serenity series. The paintings create a quiet, secluded place for reflection.

As does nature, the painting reveals more about itself – and about its viewer – as it is engaged. At the surface, the amazing interplay of color, of light and shadow begin capture the imagination. Then, the forests and mountains, water and trees, clouds and sky begin to appear. Those, in turn, begin to evolve into a sense of peace, a sense of well-being, a sense of restoration that comes from contemplation and reflection in one of nature’s special places.

Melanie hopes that, as you open yourself to one of her paintings, you will find yourself inside it, being restored, being connected, being at peace with yourself.

Melanie was a graphic designer who evolved into a career that now encompasses both fine art and helping others find themselves as they develop their own artistic talents.

Though you may detect influences of Cezanne and Van Gogh in Melanie’s paintings, you will also sense the power of Melanie’s love of and gratitude for nature’s gift of serenity.

Melanie has painted exclusively with GOLDEN Artist Colors for 10 years. In 2017, GOLDEN she become a certified educator for this premium line of paints, pastes and gels, joining an elite group of international artists to become the Dallas educator for GOLDEN.