Lisa Tarplee

Lisa Tarplee
Mixed Media Encaustic Artist

Lisa Tarplee is an encaustic mixed media artist residing in Highland Village, Texas. Her art reflects her personal faith journey often resulting in a visual parable of lament, joy and hope. Her final work invites the viewer to join into a conversation of faith and life.

Lisa found encaustic medium in 2017 and immediately took to it. Encaustic medium is beeswax and damar resin. Lisa paints the medium with brushes while it is hot on cradled birch. 

Often, Lisa will lay down old hymns, writings, and paper scraps as a foundation for her artwork. Then she will apply wax in layers and carve into the wax with clay tools to reveal the objects hidden underneath. Her works also include oil paints, pastels and various found objects.

You can find out more about Lisa Tarplee and her work at, on Instagram as ltarplee or on Facebook at Lisa Tarplee Art.