Metal Opulence

Laura Ponners
Jewelry Designer

Metal Opulence is the creative venture born out of a long-time love of wearable art with a drive to create sumptuous jewelry through the combination of precious metal clay and traditional metalsmithing techniques. 

Laura is the creator of each unique piece that is handcrafted from start to finish.  The precious metal clay pieces start out in a soft clay format which consists of very small particles of silver, bronze, or copper mixed with an organic binder.  It is then shaped by hand, rolled, sculpted, or molded to the desired shape. After the pieces dry to a green ware state, they are refined through sanding and finally, fired in a kiln.  The binder burns away, leaving the pure sintered metal.  Metalsmithed pieces start out from a sheet of silver, bronze, or copper; hand drawn designs are cut out with a saw, layered, textured, and soldered together along with a variety of lovely gemstones and other metal clay pieces.