Kuklebean’s Creative Glass

Karla Walz
Glass Artist

For Karla Walz, growing up in a small midwestern town afforded few opportunities to really explore art, but with a pencil and paper she was constantly sketching. Through the years she has dabbled in a number of different mediums and enjoyed them all. When Karla took her first stained glass instructional class, she knew she had found something to challenge her artistically. 

Since taking that first class, Karla has had a passion to create beautiful pieces using not only art glass, but natural components as well.  By using geode slices, natural stones, jewels and metal, Karla has created unique and visually pleasing pieces of glass art. Karla’s vision of her creations is to push the boundaries of traditional stained glass while using age-old methods of construction for a one of a kind piece of art. 

As Louis Comfort Tiffany said: “Color is to the eye what music is to the ear”. 

Learn more about Karla in an interview with Voyage Dallas Magazine at: http://voyagedallas.com/meet-karla-walz-kuklebeans-creative-glass-flower-mound