Jo Moncrief

Jo Moncrief

Jo Moncrief is a self taught artist that can paint in realistic, impressionistic, objective and non-objective abstract styles.

Jo believes that abstract art is the visual art of emotion as it encourages the viewer’s involvement and imagination. Each person interprets the same abstract artwork in their own personal way. Abstract art has the ability to be whatever the viewer wants or needs it to be.

She begins most paintings with a wet into wet pouring of colors. This method allows colors to explode, mingle and blend with each other — creating magical, unique and unpredictable effects that simply cannot be painted by hand.

Jo Moncrief began her artistic career as a ceramic artist. As her clay progressed, her ceramic artwork became more like paintings on clay and less functional. In the year 2000, Jo began her journey into painting and almost immediately was accepted into many national juried art festivals and exhibitions. Her acrylic paintings reflect her clay background with lots of texture and the love of glazes and luminous color.

Two of Jo’s paintings, “Turbulence & Tranquility” and “Searching for What Was”, were accepted into the book AcrylicWorks 4: Captivating Color! (Quote from the publishers: “The artwork accepted in this book shows excellence and originality in acrylic paint achieved via a variety of styles and subjects.”)

Jo’s artwork has won Best of Show and Best of Category in juried art festivals and exhibitions. Her artwork has been featured in articles in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Dallas Morning News, art institutions, organizations and art show brochures. Her artwork can be found in private homes, businesses and institutions.