Paper Jewelry

Ina Crowe
Jewelry Designer

Ina Crowe has enjoyed a career in education as a teacher and counselor. Although retired, she continues to work with mentally challenged children, and those with Autism. As a child, Ina’s favorite pastime was creating anything she could make stick together with paper, scissors. and glue. Now she has returned to her childhood pleasure of playing with paper. She uses those same tools to create unique, affordable, and well-designed art to wear.

Paper Jewelry began with a desire to find a way to encourage people to recycle. Ina Crowe used magazines found in and by dumpsters to turn trash into treasure. Using recycled papers and homemade earth-friendly glues, Ina created sturdy, lightweight, and well designed art to wear in a 40-step process. She also uses handmade papers from around the world. Ear wires are sterling silver, 14K gold fill, and non-allergenic titanium, and niobium (no base metals).