From My Basket

Candace Futch
Fiber Artist

As a fiber artist, Candace has always been fascinated with color. Her weavings and knitwear are a merging of abstract function and mixed media layering to create garments enjoyed for their cutting edge designs. In the last few years, Candace has embraced a new and exciting love of color work in an unexpected and previously dismissed fiber…silk.

She spent a day with an international dyer who used beautiful earth-toned dyes that contradicted everything she previously knew about silk dying and painting. On that day Candace found an unexpected artistic freedom by creating dye colors and then let those colors use the water to dance across the white silk, to merge with each other, and to cradle each other in a manner that actually produced a new experienced for her; a true intimate color experience. “Every movement the color makes will never be experienced or seen again. The colors are allowed to make their own mark on the unassuming white silk…which has now become forever transformed and in turn can transform a woman when she wears the silk and becomes a part of this intimate color experience.”

Candace went even further artistically when she decided to create jewelry which begins with her hand dyed & painted silks and is then infused with gold metallic which is allowed to create its own mark and design on the silk.

At her home studio in Kyle, Texas, her own innovative techniques of fabric manipulation and object resisting create two design collections — The Regal Fashion Collection and the “I AM” Faith Collection. Each collection embraces a different purpose, but stays true to the focus of creating silk garments and jewelry so women can show a little attitude, feel special, and know God’s love.