ENF Ceramics

Emma Nicole Florence

Emma Nicole Florence is the owner and ceramic artist of ENF Ceramics in Dallas, Texas. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts from Southwestern University and has been a Potter for 10 years.

Emma creates functional and sculptural pottery and ceramics that she sells online on her website and Etsy, as well as in person. She continues to actively participate in art shows and artisan markets. Through her business, ENF Ceramics, Emma continues to gain new knowledge of the ceramic arts through participating in workshops, attending gallery exhibits, communicating with colleagues in the world of ceramics, as well as continuing her own personal research and readings on different firing, making and glazing techniques. 

Emma’s goal and passion is to share as much as possible her artwork with the outside world. She wants to give members of society artwork to feel passionate about, to admire, to feel joy from, and to experience art related events and to broaden other’s horizons in the art world. 

By creating ceramics that relates to subject matter that comes from her physical and personal experiences, it connects her with people that pick up her artwork and have an immediate, deep level of understanding. ENF Ceramics is not only for admirers to purchase artwork from, but also give them the opportunity to take classes and lessons from Emma Nicole Florence.