Artemis Designs 

Kimberly Lams & Ibrahim Bozdag 
Sterling Silver Jewelry with Exotic Leathers

Artemis Designs is the combined effort of artisan husband & wife team; Ibrahim Bozdag & Kimberly Lams.

Ibrahim is a trained silversmith, and has been making jewelry professionally for over 15 years. He uses traditional techniques to execute his designs. Kimberly is a Bachelor Degree artist, graduating from one of the country’s top art and design schools, College for Creative Studies. Kimberly is originally an illustrator and painter, giving her a unique perspective on jewelry design.  

Both Ibrahim & Kimberly are inspired by natural and organic textures. Artemis Designs’ jewelry collection highlights the natural patterns and textures found on alligator leather. Using those natural patterns as inspiration, a brand new collection and concept of jewelry making evolved using a combined skill-set of silversmithing and leather working techniques.

Proudly made in Texas, Artemis Designs continues to push the boundaries of jewelry design and mixed media techniques.