Elizabeth Schowachert, Encaustic
Demo Time: 11:15 a.m.

Local Encaustic Artist Elizabeth Schowachert will be demonstrating the process of encaustic monotype. Encaustic monotype is a print making process that uses a heated printing plate (Roland HOTbox) and encaustic medium to create unique monotype print images. Encaustic medium (paint) is made with a mixture of damar resin, natural beeswax and colored pigments. When used on a hot plate the medium melts allowing the artist to paint  and image directly onto the heated plate. Once an image has been created, an absorbent paper is placed onto the image and a print is than pulled. Elizabeth makes silicone fine art tools specifically for working on the Roland HOTbox and will demonstrate a variety of print making techniques using her tools and carbon black encaustic medium (both the tools and medium are available for purchase in her online store:

Kat Warwick, Sculpture
Demo Time: 12:15 p.m.

Kat Warwick sculpts in terra cotta, stone and bronze. She will be taking her viewers on a journey from concept sketch through the engineering, sculpting and mechanical processes of creating an expressive clay sculpture. This is an all-out sprint for Kat to finish a sculpture in the time allotted! Come cheer her on and have fun learning about the artist’s journey in the process. 

Ellen Soderquist, Life Drawing
Demo Time: 1:15 p.m.

Artist and Teacher Ellen Soderquist creates intelligent and sensuous graphite drawings of the nude human body. As a teacher of life drawing, she advocates that her students learn the role of the nude in the history of art and that they communicate their ideas about humanity through their work. She will be demonstrating the qualities and uses of various mylar materials as well as techniques and media applications. Mylars come in sheets or rolls and provide a durable polyester drawing and painting surface capable of withstanding extensive revisions and changes. When applied to mylar surfaces, medias react differently and create exciting effects that are impossible to achieve on paper or canvas. Ellen’s drawings of the figure on mylars may be viewed on her website:

Melanie M. Brannan, Painter
Demo time: 2:15 p.m.

Melanie M Brannan is a full-time artist who LOVES to teach. She has public and private classes for adults and children. Her paintings are in private collections throughout the US. Mel has worked exclusively with GOLDEN Artists Colors since 2009. In 2017, GOLDEN trained her to become a Certified Educator for this premium line of paints, pastes and gels. She joined this elite group of international artists to become the North Texas Educator for GOLDEN. Melanie will demonstrate GOLDEN paints with Gelli printing. It’s a mono-printing process. Stop by and make your own prints with Melanie and take home a gorgeous GOLDEN mono-print. You can see Melanie’s work and classes at:

Pavlina Panova, Teacher of Oshibana — the Art of Pressed Plants
Demo Time: 3:15 p.m.

Pavlina Panova is an Irving based artist and teacher of Oshibana — the traditional Japanese art of pressed plants. Dated as early as 16th century in Japan, this art form became known in Europe and America during the Victorian era. Its more common name is Pressed Flower Art and in recent years has gained some popularity as a form of an environmental and green art.

Pavlina will be demonstrating the process of pressing with Microfleur — a highly effective microwave press. Compared to the traditional methods, Microflleur is not only fast and easy, but also provides much better color retention of the pressed materials. Collection of different pressed plants will be on display with some examples of art pieces created with them.

Pavlina works with a wide variety of botanical materials: leaves, flowers, fruit and veggie peels, foliage, herbs, seeds, etc. She creates two- and three-dimensional Oshibana pieces and jewelry. Pressed botanical materials could be seen also incorporated in her ceramic tiles and wall panels. Her work has been published and accepted in local, national and international exhibits. She has received recognition for her achievements from Philadelphia Flower Show and international competitions in Japan and South Korea. Visit: