COVID-19 Updates as We Move Forward

The Urban Artist Market has officially decided to reschedule the May show to July 17-18, 2020.

The Urban Artist Market is closely monitoring the COVID-19 coronavirus and wants to let you know that the health and safety of our exhibitors and attendees is our highest priority. We stand by the importance of our shows as they provide platforms to connect, engage, and facilitate commerce. We are committed to hosting safe and successful events throughout 2020.

We want to assure you that business continues as scheduled including all the upcoming shows in our 2020 schedule. Customers who wish to enter our marketplace and who are not subject to travel restrictions will be free to do so. While we remain open for business as usual, please join us in following the latest news and guidelines through official channels: and www.who.intl.

What is Show Management doing in preparation of the show regarding COVID-19?

We are in direct contact with the Addison Conference Centre regarding heightened levels of safety and cleanliness to include:

  • Increased cleaning protocols to include more frequent wiping and disinfecting of touch points in its facility during occupied show hours, such as door handles, elevator buttons, handrails, restroom stall doors and sinks.
  • Added additional hand sanitizer stations in strategically placed areas at all entrances and throughout the floor.
  • Reinforced standard employee health practices, including sending employees home and/or encouraging employees to stay home if they are sick or demonstrated health symptoms that could impact fellow colleagues or guests.
  • Reinforced standard food safety awareness programs including frequent hand washing and making alcohol-based hand gel/rub available at every food truck.

We are closely monitoring the news and will follow all protocols that are provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

We encourage exhibitors and attendees to take common-sense precautions by using hand sanitizer and following these guidelines set by the CDC when they are onsite at the show.

Please know we are committed to hosting safe and successful shows. Our top priority is focused on the health and safety of all participants, including attendees, artists, staff and others involved in the shows.

We will be posting updates on our website on this status page. Attendees and exhibitors with questions or concerns are encouraged to email our response team below.

Questions and concerns should be sent to Chris by clicking here.



From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • For the general American public, who are unlikely to be exposed to this virus at this time, the immediate health risk from COVID-19 is considered low.
  • Under current circumstances, certain people will have an increased risk of infection, for example healthcare workers caring for patients with COVID-19 and other close contacts of persons with COVID-19. CDC has developed guidance to help in the risk assessment and management of people with potential exposures to COVID-19.
  • Comprehensive information from the CDC can be found at:

From the World Health Organization (WHO):

Recommendations and Advice for the Public
If you are not in an area where COVID-19 is spreading, or if you have not travelled from one of those areas or have not been in close contact with someone who has and is feeling unwell, your chances of getting it are currently low. However, it’s understandable that you may feel stressed and anxious about the situation. It’s a good idea to get the facts to help you accurately determine your risks so that you can take reasonable precautions. Your healthcare provider, your national public health authority and your employer are all potential sources of accurate information on COVID-19 and whether it is in your area. It is important to be informed of the situation where you live and take appropriate measures to protect yourself.

Comprehensive information from the World Health Organization (WHO) can be found at: